ESTA Visa - Online Application In Multiple Languages

The ESTA Visa has to be applied for online and can be found translated into any of the 22 languages spoken in the Visa Waiver Countries.

Tips for applying:

  • Have your Passport and a credit/debit card available when applying
  • Fill in all mandatory fields marked with a red star
  • Use the email that you most frequently check (the ESTA Visa approval email will be sent to the contact email used in the ESTA Visa application form)
  • Double check the fields before proceeding between each step

You may print the ESTA Visa number when you receive it and bring it for your trip to the United States

39 Visa Waiver Countries Can Enter USA Without A Visa

The ESTA Visa is not a regular type of visa normally used to enter the United States of America. In the past, before ESTA and the Visa Waiver Program, travelers visiting the United States had to book a visa appointment at the nearest embassy and apply for a visa in person. This of course, was a time consuming process. Now, with the ESTA Visa, you can enter the US after you have successfully received your ESTA Visa Number via email. You only need an online connection to apply and may expect the ESTA Visa number within 72 hours. How convenient is that? Learn more about the ESTA Visa and the Visa Waiver Countries on this website or simply start your ESTA Visa Application right now.


ESTA World Map