U.S Travel Authorization

ESTA Visa For Australian Citizens

✓Individuals who holds an Australian passport can apply for the ESTA Visa

ESTA Visa, or the "Electronic System for Travel Authorization", is a unique online system created by the United States government to pre-screen all Australians entering the US without a regular visa. In the past, most Australians visiting the US had do to apply for a Visa at the US Embassy. With the ESTA Visa, this may no longer be required. Since Australia became a Visa Waiver Country (VWP) - citizens of Australia with an Australian passport, has been able to apply for the ESTA online to enter the US for up 90 days for business, tourism or medical reasons. The application is quite simple and the process is efficient. All you need is to enter the required information and click submit. The ESTA Visa will be sent to the email address used in the application and you can expect to receive it within 72 hours.

Why Is Australia Part Of The Visa Waiver Program?

Australia is a reputable country and a well-established economic force in the global economy. It is a country with strong ties to the United States and being part of the Visa Waiver Program is a testament to that. To ensure a steady flow of visitors from Australia to the United States is important and ESTA simplifies traveling between the two countries. The ESTA Visa technology, with its online application form, lets business and tourism run smoothly. Benefiting both economies.

  ESTA Visa FAQ For Australia

  • ESTA Visa is not a regular visa. It is a technology that pre-screens travellers before they board a U.S.-bound ship or airplane so that Australians can enter the US without a regular Visa
  • The purpose of ESTA is to protect the US from unwanted threats and help Australians enter their country “hassle-free”
  • Australia is 1 of 38 countries that participate in the Visa Waiver Program
  • Australians may be required to apply for a B-1 Visitor Visa or B-2 Tourist Visa if the ESTA Application is denied
  • Even an approved ESTA Visa may not guarantee entry in to the United States
  • The ESTA Visa is valid for 2 years and can be updated
  • Australians transiting through the United States under the Visa Waiver Program may apply for the ESTA Visa
  • Applying for the ESTA at least 72 hours before checking in is recommended