U.S Travel Authorization

Check Your ESTA Status Before Applying

There's a strong possibility that you already have an ESTA Visa if you applied for one the last time you came to the United States. If you have an ESTA Visa, you can re-use it during the two year period when it is valid.

If you have visited the U.S. within the past two years and plan on visiting again before that two year period is up, do you have questions about your ESTA status? Maybe you lost your ESTA number, or don't know if your ESTA Visa has expired. Maybe you aren't sure whether you'd even applied for one. You can check your ESTA status using our service.

Note: If you make frequent quick visits to the U.S., you may come under suspicion of doing visa runs -- travelling to the U.S. for illegal purposes.

How Can I Check My ESTA Status?

To apply for a Visa to enter the United States, it used to be necessary to apply in person at the nearest U.S. embassy, which often took a lot of time. ESTA and the Visa Wavier Program changed this. An ESTA Visa is not a standard Visa. If you are eligible, you can apply for an ESTA Visa online. If you are successful, you may receive your ESTA Visa number by email within 72 hours; you can enter the U.S. after receiving your number. You can use our website to apply for an ESTA Visa now, or to find out more about the ESTA Visa, and about Visa Wavier Countries.

To find out about your ESTA status, click the button, and fill in the verification form, which requires the following information:

  • Your last name, as shown on your passport
  • Your first name, also from your passport
  • Your date of birth
  • Your passport number
  • The country that issued your passport
  • The country of which you are a citizen
  • Your email address
  • Your U.S. address (optional, if available)

Once we have this information, we can check your current ESTA status and send that information to you by email, in the form of a PDF with the date on which your ESTA Visa expires. You can use your ESTA Visa until the expiration date, as long as it has not become invalid for other reasons. If any of the items listed below are true, you will not be able to use your old ESTA Visa, and must apply for a new one.

  • You have a new passport
  • You have a new name
  • You have undergone a change of gender
  • You now live in a different country
  • You are now a citizen of a different country
  • Your answer to any of the eight required questions from your original application is now different