U.S Travel Authorization

Renew Your ESTA: Online ESTA Application

A U.S. Visa is only valid for two years, so professionals and business people who are frequent travellers to the U.S. need to keep their ESTA Visas up to date by filling out the renewal application at the end of that two year period, or when the passport with the U.S. Visa has expired. It is also necessary to fill out the ESTA renewal form and submit it if you have a new passport, or there have undergone any legal changes, including, changed citizenship, name or gender. Your renewed ESTA replaces your previous ESTA authorization, and you must use your new application number when traveling to the U.S. Your Visa is linked to your passport, so you must also update the profile on your authorization with any new details.

It is important to keep your Visa for travel to the U.S. up to date, and to not lose it or let it expired. When you renew your ESTA Visa, you will need all of the information that you needed when you first applied for it, since the form for applying for an ESTA Visa renewal is basically the same as he form for applying for a new one.