U.S Travel Authorization

Update ESTA: Online Application Available

It is important to keep you ESTA Visa up to date, particularly if you have changed the address at which you will be staying in the U.S. or your email address, or if you have entered either of these two items incorrectly; you can do this by filling out the online ESTA update application. To update your ESTA Visa, follow the steps outlined on your ESTA update application form, filling in all of the items correctly when you do so.

There are only two items which you can update:

  • The address at which you will be staying in the U.S.
  • Your email address

Your new ESTA number will be automatically transmitted to the airlines, who may require you to show it before boarding. You should always carry a printed copy of your approved Visa. Your ESTA number cannot be updated while you are in transit.

Your U.S. Visa is valid for two years. If you are from a Visa Wavier Country, you can travel to and from the U.S. for 90 days at a time during the period when it is valid. You will be required to fill out a new ESTA application if the any of the legal information on your passport has changed.